Erik Reyes Labastida

At 6 years Erik presented an oral presentation at the “World Council for Gifted and Talented Children” in Odense, Denmark with the “CANSAT “project, a simulator space that measures different variables such as temperature and altitude, receiving the recognition and a commemorative plaque by that Council and the Ambassador of Mexico in Denmark. In the First International Conference on Intellectual Giftedness 7 years old, he presented his project about “Alternative energies for vehicles automotive”; where he presented three types of energy: solar panels, hydrogen cells and magnetism. In April 2017, Erik, at 8 years of age, made a presentation in San Antonio, Texas presenting a topic on space technology and engineering, in the “American Education Research Association”, the most important global scientific event in education. In the Second Congress of International Giftedness in May of
2017, at age 8, he presented the feasibility of the Hyperloop, a vehicle driven with electromagnetic energy that runs from 800 to 1000 kilometers in 30 minutes At the age of 9, he presented at the Third International Congress on Giftedness presentation on the importance of “Artificial Intelligence and Economic Growth in Mexico”; that can be achieved thanks to the fact that the gifted can develop great innovations in this area.